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Booking Form - Park
Created by WaiverForever
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State Park Booking Form First Name Last Name Please fill in your email Date of Birth Arriving Departing Party Size Equipment Special Notes and MessagesImportant messages regarding COVID-19 and overnight reservationsState Parks is not taking reservations for day use facilities or group camps until further notice. Due to COVID-19 cross-border travel restrictions, State Parks encourages all Out of Country travelers to hold off on reserving at this time. Once cross-border travel restrictions are lifted, we would be more than happy to welcome you back to Washington State Parks.  Booking MessagesArrival Procedure:Check-in begins at 2:00 p.m. Check-out is at 12:00 p.m. Register at the park booth or park office when you arrive to secure your site. Please bring your confirmation letter.If you arrive after hours and the gate is closed, you may enter through the gate by using the slider bar. Please close the gate after you enter the park, and be sure to register the next morning.Extra Vehicle: Only one vehicle is included in your campsite fee. Additional vehicles, unless towed, are charged a $15 fee per night. Please check site data for on-site and off-site parking as not allcampsites can accommodate extra vehicles.Firewood: Please purchase your firewood at or near the Park to protect the Pacific Northwest from invasive species.Maximum number of people: 8  Cancellation PolicyWe charge fees for cancelling or reducing the number of nights reserved, to increase availability of inventory for all customers.Campsites/Roofed/Vacation Houses10 or more days prior to arrival date:50% of the cost of all cancelled nights for reservations held more than six months, 40% for reservations held 5-6 months, 30% for 4-5 months, 20% for 3-4 months, 15% for 2-3 months, 10% for 1-2 months and 5% for less than one month Less than 7 days prior to arrival date:20% of any cancelled nightsReservations held for more than four months will be subject to the same percentages listed aboveGroup Camps/Day UseIf you cancel your reservation 29 or more days before your scheduled arrival date, the cancel fee is $8 online or $10 by calling the Reservation CenterIf you cancel 30 or fewer days before your scheduled arrival date, you must pay for up to 10 nights or days regardless of when the reservation was made I have read and acknowledge all of the park alerts listed. Your signature