Streamline your business.

Leading edge electronic waiver system

WaiverForever screenshot. Showing browser based control console and paired mobile devices.

Waiver Capture

Capture Waivers. Effortlessly.

Mobile Device

Native applications for iOS/Android/Fire devices allow capturing from tablet and smartphones. Works with or without internet connection after first setup.

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Web Browser

Send you waiver link by email, or simply put it on your web site for customers to sign at home before they come visit.

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Quick Response (QR) Code

By scanning QR codes, customers can sign when they are waiting in line. Supports all smartphones and tablets.

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Group Waivers

Request waivers from groups, automatically tracks headcounts.

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Simple Administration

Control Console. Supercharged.

Powerful waiver search

When time comes to retrieve a waiver, search by customer's name, phone number or email address.

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Flexible waiver creator

Super flexible waiver creator allows any number of names, signatures, images or even surveys on your waiver.

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Centralized Setup

Everything is managed from the control console, so no messing up during daily use. Issue your employees staff account to grant partial access.

Absolutely Reliable Storage

Secure Storage. Forever.

Pay once, storage forever

The whole idea of WaiverForever is pay once and store forever. For around 10 cents per waiver, your document lives eternally, and can be found within a fraction of a second.

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Download as PDF

Each waiver is converted to a PDF file after signing. Search to locate this PDF then download it as a copy.

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Waiver Archive with Dropbox Sync

Don't feel safe without a local copy of everything? No problem, set up the Dropbox Sync to have all signed waivers delivered to your desktop automatically.

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Unlimited Possiblities

Your Data. Streamlined.

Waiver Analytics

Embed survey questions into your waiver and see visulized results directly from within your control console. Instant marketing insight for your business.

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Export as Spreadsheet

Export everything captured on waiver into a spreadsheet file. Great for importing to other systems.

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Integration with membership
management software

Let WaiverForever fill the lengthy forms for you when creating a new customer in Membership management softwares. Supports Mindbody Online, Zendesk, JackRabbit.

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MailChimp and Constant Contact

Automatically adds customers to your Mailchimp or Constant Contact list for speedy email marketing.

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Everything Else

Your Business. Never looked so good.

Automatic Email

Automatically emails your customer with the signed document so everyone has a copy. Customizable email content allows your personal touch.

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Splash Page

In just a few clicks, you can make a beautiful webpage listing all the waivers a customer is expected to sign.

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Photo Capture

Attach photos to waivers during or after signing. Great for keeping extra identification, or capturing before/after photos.

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Driver's License Scanning

Simply scan customers' driver's licenses to instantly fill out all personal information contained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you keep the waivers?

We store the waivers forever. The whole idea is pay once, store forever.

How do I get the information out of WaiverForever?

You can export all the data as .csv file which can be then opened by Microsoft Excel.

How many devices can be used at one time?

Depending on the plan you subscribe to, up to 60 devices can be paired to a single account. If you need to pair more devices, please give us a call.

Do customers get a copy of the signed waiver?

Yes you can set up automatic email for this purpose. From Settings -> Automatic email, make sure Attach signed waiver as PDF file is checked. Then every email address that is filled on the waiver will receive a copy of the signed document.

What if I do not want to use the service anymore?

Instead of cancelling the service, you can switch to our Pay-as-you-go plan. Nothing will be charged if there is no usage, and you get to keep all your waivers on our server for instant access anytime.

How can we setup Mindbody/Zendesk/Jackrabbit browser integration?

WaiverForever supports membership management systems such as Mindbody Online, Zendesk, Jackrabbit with a browser extension. This extension works on Google Chrome or Apple Safari and can be installed in less than a minute.