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Online Sign
Online Sign
  • Share the online sign link
  • Sign from the website widget
  • Embed the form link on your website
Kiosk Sign
Kiosk Sign
  • Sign on the kiosk stand
  • Sign on iOS or Android tablets
  • Sign at the entrance or anytime during the event
Mobile Sign
Mobile Sign
  • No Wifi? No problem, sign without internet
  • Scan driver license and fast event check-in
  • Enjoy fast signing on-the-go

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Intuitive user interface, intuitive system

Step 1
Customize your form
Customize your form
Customized forms tailored to your needs
Step 2
Sign the forms
Sign the forms
Customers sign the form on mobile tablets, through online link or on the kiosks
Step 3
Collect and Manage
Collect and Manage
You can view, search and manage all the signed forms

Our Customers

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Key Features
key Integrations
reliable securityReliable & Security

WaiverForever promises secure storage forever! WaiverForever encrypts the waivers and stores them on multiple off-site backups. Losing waivers is theoretically impossible.

customer manageCustomer Managment

The power of the My Customers page is the ability to quickly group, export and contact customers who have signed a waiver. Customers can be grouped for easy reference, or for email and phone marketing campaigns.

search and exportSearch and Export

We provide all platform full-text search with which you can easily search for and find a waiver in seconds. All contact information is easily exported.

pdf editorPowerful PDF Editor

Using WaiverForever PDF Editor, all your signed forms will be collected with the original, polished and designed layouts.

Reliable system

Secure storage and rock-solid service

Sign without an internet connection

No internet connection is required when signing through our waiver app. The signed documents will be uploaded to your online account whenever the device is reconnected.

A rock-solid system

With proven technology and a highly experienced engineering team, WaiverForever achieved a 99.99999% uptime in 2016. The client application even works without an internet connection, delivering an uninturrupted workflow for your business.

Sync with Dropbox/Google Drive

Love to have a local copy of everything? Set up Dropbox/Google Drive sync to have all signed waivers delivered to your desktop automatically at the end of every month.

Download as PDF

Signed waivers are converted to PDF files instantly. You can then download the copy for future reference.

Instant insights for your company

Gain better understanding of your customers with built-in analytics tools

Waiver Analytics

Embed survey questions in your waivers and get visualized results directly from the control console. A great way to gain market insight for any business.

product feature
Integration with Membership Management Software

Let WaiverForever fill out lengthy forms when creating a new customer. Supports Mindbody Online, Zendesk and JackRabbit.

product feature
MailChimp and Constant Contact

Automatically add customers to your MailChimp or Constant Contact list for speedy email marketing.

product feature
20 Million+

waivers signed and securely stored


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Business use cases

We provide quality services for companies in various different industries.

  • Tours
  • Sports
  • Gym & Yoga
  • Rental
  • Kiosk

WaiverForever provides an efficient, secure and unified tool for small business owners to electronically handle waiver forms.

Join thousands of customers today and never worry about paper hassles again.