Production, 3D Print, Video and Photo

Consent Forms, Registration, Minor Participants, Talent Consent, Model Release

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Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers and forms on WaiverForever. WaiverForever provides an efficient, secure and unified tool for your Production, 3D Print, Video and Photo businesses.

Perfect for your business

  • Talent Release liability waiver
  • Appearance Release waiver form
  • Model Consent waiver form
  • Personal Consent waiver
  • Contractor liability waiver
  • Volunteer liability waiver
  • Online waiver forms
  • Online waiver for video production

Photo capture & Attach images

WaiverForever allows you to personalize the photograph-taking process for free. You can use a device camera on iPad, iPhone, Android to take pictures and instantly attach them to your document or form

  • Define the image field
  • Take and add a picture of a customer, photoID
  • Add images to a signed waiver

Scan Driver Licenses

All WaiverForever client apps come with the driver's license scanning feature for free. Use WaiverForever app on iPad, iPhone, or Android to scan customer's Driver License and automatically fill in:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth

View, Search, Print, Export

WaiverForever provides the dashboard for customers to instantly access and search, view online, print or download PDFs of all submitted forms and documents. We also provide universal search across the platform and all the waivers.

View and search customers. Export and import into your favorite CRM:

  • Dropbox/Google Drive
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Zapier

Real-time waiver analytics

With real-time analysis tools, WaiverForever helps you to better understand your customers' behavior with visual interactive data and by providing a simple report to assist the business decision-making process.

  • Waiver signed amount
  • Business busy timeslot
  • Waiver content graphic analysis