Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. No long term contract is required for WaiverForever. You can switch plans and cancel at any time.

What if I have a seasonal business?

With our smart usage charge model, we will automatically adjust your cost based on your usage. When you are in low seasons, as long as your usage is below our monthly free quota, there will be no usage charge at all. Only basic plan fee will be charged which is as low as 33 cents per day.

Can I use WaiverForever for events?

For event based business, you can use our free plan and buy our pre-paid pre-paid packs before event starts.

For how long are my waivers stored?

Your waiver are stored forever in your online account.

What is your customer service email address?

Instead of email, we use a live chat tool to provide customer support. The chat button is available in both our web console and our mobile apps.

Waiver Capture

What mobile platforms are supported by WaiverForever?

WaiverForever client application runs on devices that supports iOS 9+, Android 4.0.2+ and Amazon Fire.

Are there any hardware requirements to use driver's license scanning feature?

A mobile device with a auto-focusing camera is required. For iOS devices, iPhone 4 and later is required, or iPad 3 and later. For Android devices, please check with the manufacturer for an auto-focusing camera module.

Can the client application work without internet?

Yes. The signed waivers are stored locally first on the devices before uploaded to your online account when an internet connection is available.

Can I embed the waiver into my website/blog?

Yes. With our Waiver Widget, your customers can sign the waivers right in your website/blog.

Everyday Management

What platforms are the supported by the control console?

The control console runs on all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. You can also use our mobile app to access most of the control console features.

How can I find a waiver that's signed a while back?

You can search by customer's name, email or phone number and apply date range filters to find the waiver signed.

How can I export my waiver data?

You can export your waivers to pdf or csv file. We also support auto importing your customer info into Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Security & Privacy

Is WaiverForever GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. We are also offering convenient tools and contracts to help you become GDPR-ready.

Is my credit card information safe with WaiverForever?

Yes. Your credit card is handled by Stripe, Inc.. Stripe also handles credit card for major businesses such as Fast Company, MOMA etc.

Is WaiverForever Secure?

All data to and from WaiverForever is encrypted with SSL technology and the backend storage is encrypted with AES 256 encryption.

Will WaiverForever use my client's data?

No, we will never use your client's data. That's why we charge a small fee for our service so we don't need to make profit by selling your clients' information.