All plans come with 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


$ 0.00 /mo
Plan includes
1 offline device
2 waiver templates
1 intergration
Analytics for last 7 days


$ 4.99 /mo
Plan includes
3 offline devices
10 waiver templates
Monthly PDF archive
Account level automatic email
Export as spreadsheet
1 integrations
Analytics for last 7 days
1 staff accounts
1 device accounts
Best Value


$ 19.99 /mo
Plan includes
8 offline devices
20 waiver templates
Monthly PDF archive
Waiver level automatic email
Export as spreadsheet
3 integrations
Free analytics
3 staff accounts
3 device accounts


$ 69.99 /mo
Plan includes
60 offline devices
Unlimited waiver templates
Monthly PDF archive
Waiver level automatic email
Export as spreadsheet
Unlimited integrations
Free analytics
10 staff accounts
10 device accounts
Phone support
15% off on usage charge

Smart usage charge, automatically adjusts based on your usage.

All plan comes with 50 free sheets per month.
0 5000
Monthly usage: {{sliderValue}}, ${{waiverCost()}}

If your monthly usage is more than 5000, we charge $50 for each additional 1000 waivers. Discount may apply.

Total: ${{ (basePlanPrices[currentPlan] + waiverCost()).toFixed(2)}}

Over 11,000 Customers

3 Reasons to Choose WaiverForever

Secure storage

Every waiver is encrypted and backed up 24/7.

Intuitive day-to-day operations

Easy to use for both you and your customers, no training required.

You can always opt out

Cancel your plan at any point, or simply switch to pay-as-you-go in down-seasons.

Frequently asked questions

Is my credit card information safe with WaiverForever?

Yes. We handle credit card payments using Stripe also handles credit card payments for major businesses like MOMA, Fast Company, Business Insider etc.

I have a seasonal business. Can I switch plans in my down seasons?

Of course. You can switch plans any time you see fit. Pay-as-you-go is a popular plan among seasonable businesses.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time. There is no strings attached.

For how long are my waivers stored?

Your waivers are stored forever after you pay for them initially. That's the whole idea of WaiverForever.