who's using waiverforever

For faster waiver signing, better customer relationships, and more market insights

“The best thing about WaiverForever is how quick and easy it is to have people sign.”
“We love the ability to customize our waivers. Waiver Forever has made our intake process better. I love the ability to analyze our data by date range.”
“Their service is cloud-based, which also integrates w/Dropbox so we never lose data.Happy to have been with you guys from the beginning!”
“WaiverForever helps my customers. They only have to sign once and I'm not wasting paper.”
“Love that the waiver app resets automatically for the next customer. It makes sign in very efficient.”
“The best feature of WaiverForever is their cloud storage services.”
“The ability to load new clients into MindBody via a Chrome extension saves us so much time in data entry as well as reducing typos (on our end)”
“We love the ease of signing from a device (iPad in our case) and have it be synced to our MailChimp list, great service!”
“Our favorite feature of WaiverForever is the Integration of customer data with Constant Contact.”
“Our favorite feature is the ability to customize the waivers.”
“I love the offline app from WaiverForever. Very happy you added the API, which helps us a lot to configure waivers and users and better enterprise tools for managing users.”
“I love WaiverForever for the easy to use mobile app.I absolutely love all the features on the waivers themselves. It makes it so easy to get all the information required.”
“We love the easy signing from multiple devices and the up-to-date list of signed names. Our events are run by various people at various times, not a central location. We can all check the list of signed people and get anyone without a waiver quickly signed from phones or iPads, or have participants pre-sign on their own.”
“We are an electric bike store and we have 2 store locations. We use WaiverForever for all of our waiver signing through different iPads. It is convenient for people to sign in quickly with the easy form and we capture important information about our customers. We also use WaiverForever to do demos outside the store through mobile phones. The app is great and I love it!”
“We signed up WaiverForever from last year and it doing a great job help us during the events time. I also track my customers answers to questions I added to my created waivers. The system works pretty well!”
“waivers are stored forever - great for repeat customers”
“We love the permanent storage of waivers, ease of use. Need to save them for insurance. Looks smart!”
“WaiverForever provides the flexibility to use it for different things includes waivers, surveys, and analytics. Best of the best.”
“My favorite feature is offsite waiver signing, because my customers can fill out a waiver from anywhere with a link from my website.”
“Waiverforever provides the ability to auto-upload. This saves me time and makes sure I always have backups.”
“Storage of waivers, ease of use. Need to save them for insurance. Looks smart!”
“We use WaiverForever primarily for our test rides in our store or during the events. WaiverForever does a great job because we can literally just have iPad with account login and we could go anywhere without paper printed. Also it allows us easy to collect customer contact information so we can organize and learn from them.”
“We are bike shop that does test rides, whenever we have customers we just lead them to fill the waivers on iPads and all set. All our 3 bike shops are using WaiverForever and the biggest benefit is the app helps easy to follow up with our customers and manage my team. WaiverForever saves me a lot of efforts and time.”
“We love the ability to scan a driver's license to capture information. It saves considerable time! During the weekends, we are so incredibly busy. Every second saved counts and allows us to provide a better experience for our customers.”
“WaiverForever stores all submissions as PDF files and I can pull it up at any time very customizable app.”
“WaiverForever provides me the analytics so I can see data about my customers easily.”
“There are several features I'd love for you to have. Online Storage which stores all the information I need, client/customer Profiles that we could save their ID and history in, and simply search by last name to find again would be amazing.”
“I love how easy it is to go in and edit the waiver. If something needs to be changed right away, I can do it and it'll update it immediately after saving and publishing the revised version.”
“We love not having to use paper. We had hundreds of waivers in a folder with lots of good data but no way to correlate. Now that they are digital we are getting waivers signed and able to comb through analytics to get useful data about our customers, where they come from, and why they use our service.”
“WaiverForever helps us eliminate paper so we don't have to store it or try and interpret bad handwriting.”