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Sign from mobile devices

You can set up iOS, Android, or Amazon smartphones and tablets as kiosks, or simply hand the devices over for customers to sign. The mobile applications function with or without Internet connections. At the end of day, simply connect the devices to the Internet and sync all captured waivers to the cloud.

Sign from browsers on computers

You can also put the waiver link on your website, or provide the link to customers in an email. Your customers can then open the link in any modern browser and sign with a keyboard and a mouse.

* Remote signing supports Safari, Chrome, IE9+

Request waivers directly from groups

WaiverForever can also request waivers directly from customers. Simply specify how many people are there in a group and their email addresses and WaiverForever will generate a special link and keep track of how many have signed. The request waiver feature allows you to handle group reservations remotely.

Splash page

WaiverForever provides you with a customized splash page where you can incorporate your logo, body text, and lists of waivers for different customers to sign. Not only can the link become a convenient central signing point for all your waivers, it can also become a useful tool for developing marketing campaigns. Additionally, WaiverForever client apps also provide a splash page that can serve as a kiosk for your business.

Photo capture before, during, or after an event

WaiverForever allows you to personalize the photograph-taking process for free. You can define the image field, specify the time for taking a photograph, and number of the images to be taken during the signing process. Later, you can also attach unlimited images to a signed waiver to keep your customer profiles up-to-date with no time constraints.

* Photo capture only available for WaiverForever mobile client software with Android and iOS support.

Driver's license scanning

All WaiverForever client apps come with the driver's license scanning feature for free*. Simply place the bar code on the driver's license in front of the camera and WaiverForever automatically fills in personal information for you. The feature works effectively when you need to check a large amount of guests in a short period of time.

* Driver's license scanning only available for WaiverForever mobile client software with Android and iOS support.