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Starting point to digitalize your waiver signing process

Plan includes:
Smart usage charge, see below
1 offline device
3 waiver templates
Analytics for last 7 days
1 integration
Online PDF Builder
Account level automatic email
20% OFF




Advanced features for small and midsized businesses

Plan includes:
Smart usage charge, see below
8 offline devices
20 waiver templates
Free analytics
3 integrations
Online PDF Builder
Waiver level automatic email
Secure waiver storage
6 team users
Digital Signature



More features, better support, and complimentary usage discounts

Plan includes:
Smart usage charge, see below
60 offline devices
Unlimited waiver templates
Free analytics
Unlimited integrations
Online PDF Builder
Waiver level automatic email
Secure waiver storage
20 team users
Digital Signature
White Label
Phone support
15% off on usage charge



Find out if WaiverForever meets your needs

Plan includes:
Up to 20 sheets per month
1 offline device
1 waiver template
Analytics for last 7 days
1 integration
Online PDF Builder
*Searchable waivers up to last 7 days
**Smart usage charge is not applicable
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We help you pick the best plan by entering the following basic business needs
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templates for my business
I pair
If your paired devices are more than 60, please contact us.
devices for signing the forms
I use
If your monthly usage is more than 20000, please contact us.
sheets per month
One sheet means one signed form regardless of the form length.
Smart usage charge, only pay for what you use.
Your monthly cost is auto-adjusted each month based on your usage. Play around below to estimate your monthly cost.
Best plan recommend for you is:
# Business Plan #
Below is the estimated cost per month
Est. monthly usage Cost
First 50 sheets are included$0 USD/mo
51-100$5 USD/mo
101-150$10 USD/mo
151-200$15 USD/mo
Your monthly cost would be

Business plan$19.99 USD/mo
Usage Fee $5 USD/mo

$24.99 USD/mo

Feature Comparison

Base Price $9.99/mo$24.99/mo $19.99/mo$69.99/mo
Sheet Price

Sheet price

Your usage fee is calculated automatically at the end of your billing cycle. Use the calculator above to estimate your monthly usage fee.

Smart Usage ChargeSmart Usage ChargeSmart Usage Charge + 15% Discount
Offline Devices

Offline Device

Each mobile device running the WaiverForever client app is counted as one offline device. Signing via browsers is not limited.



A template is a blank waiver. If you collect 3 different kinds of waivers from one customer, then you will need to have 3 templates.



Third-party integrations WaiverForever supports: Zapier, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Dropbox, Google Drive, MindBody, BOOKER.

Monthly PDF Archive

Monthly PDF Archive

We will generate monthly PDF archieves so you can download a copy of your data easily.

Export as spreadsheet

Export as spreadsheet

We support exporting data in CSV format, which can be easily imported into other systems you are using.



Our analytics report provides you additional insight of your waiver data.

Last 7 days DataFull HistoryFull History
Team users

Team users

Additonal team memebers created by account owner with limited access control permissions.

Automatic email

Automatic email

An email that is sent automatically to your customers after they have signed a waiver.

Account levelTemplate levelTemplate level
Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Apply digital signature to your PDFs for better security.

White Label

White Label

Remove 'Powered by WaiverForever' labels from public pages and emails.


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3 Reasons to Choose WaiverForever

Secure storage

Every waiver is encrypted and backed up 24/7.

Intuitive day-to-day operations

Easy to use for both you and your customers, no training required.

You can always opt out

Cancel your plan at any point. All plans come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my credit card information safe with WaiverForever?

Yes. We handle credit card payments using Stripe also handles credit card payments for major businesses like MOMA, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

I have a seasonal business. Can I switch plans in the off-season?

Of course. You can switch plans any time you see fit. Even better, you don't actually need to switch because our sheet usage is charged separately. There will be no usage charge if you don't upload any waivers.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time. There are no strings attached.

For how long are my waivers stored?

Your waivers are stored forever. That's why many businesses choose WaiverForever for their compliance and insurance needs.