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COVID-19 Respond From WaiverForever

A COVID-19 liability waiver is used to release a business from any legal responsibility if their customers contract the coronavirus while receiving services. With our free online COVID-19 liability waiver, businesses of any industry can accept signed liability waivers online.

SAMPLE: COVID-19 Reporting Form
SAMPLE: COVID-19 Reporting Form

Collect Health Status

All customers are extremely important to us. We approach with respect and want to build a lasting relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved.

Business Support Under COVID-19

Quickly running checks

Whether you work for a pharmacy or other essential organization that needs to stay open, you can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by running checks on visitors or employees using our free online self-assessment forms — easy to fill in on any device.

Collecting health status

Simply customize the form to meet your needs, embed it in your website, and share the form link with customers. They could provide their contact details, describe their recent travel history, list people they have come into contact with, check off any symptoms they may be experiencing, and keep their status posted.